People Need Water, Challenge 1: Westward H20!

In 1852, as the editor of the newly created newspaper, the Zeitung, you produce a full two-page spread to persuade more settlers to come to New Braunfels.  Your advertisement highlights the presence of abundant artesian springs, and the importance of the Guadalupe and the Comal rivers as major sources for water power and as shipping routes from central Texas to the Gulf of Mexico.

Your completed two-page print advertisement must include the following sections:

  1. Photomontage with old photographs (if you cannot find these in a digital archive, then you may create your own).  The images that you include in your photomontage should show the bucolic landscape, the springs, the houses that people lived in, and people engaged in manufacturing, agriculture, recreation, and social interaction.
  2. A short essay describing the geography of the area, its abundant water resources, and opportunities for employment and social interaction.


Printable version of the Rubric

Challenge 1 “Go Public” ProductsHighly ProficientCapableAdequateLimitedInadequate
 25 points20 points15 points10 points5 points
(1) Photomontage (25 points)          
(2) Essay — geography of the area (25 points)          
(3) Essay — water resources (25 points)          
(4) Essay — opportunities for employment and social interaction (25 points)