People Need Water, Challenge 3: Put Some Blue In Your Green School

Are you interested in becoming a champion of conservation?  In this challenge, you can serve your school and community by becoming a leader in water resource conservation.

You recently visited the newly constructed 2009, Texas Environmental Excellence Award winning school, Samuel V. Champion high school in Boerne, Texas and have been inspired to Put Some Blue In Your Green School.

Put Some Blue In Your Green School is a service learning project that helps schools become efficient water users and raises awareness about the need for good stewardship practices of water resources within the community.  In this challenge, you will team up with other interested students, teachers, parents, and community members to perform a school water audit.

Your team will collect and analyze indoor and outdoor water use data, and prepare recommendations on actions to conserve water at your school.  Your team will present the findings and recommendations to your school board and community.  By taking on this challenge, you will serve your community and become a champion of conservation.