People Need Water, Challenge 3: Put Some Blue In Your Green School

Generate Ideas

You will divide into teams comprised of four to six students to answer questions about water use, water conservation, and innovative technologies and practices aimed at conserving water.  Use the resources listed under "Multiple Perspectives" to help you find the answers.  When you have finished, your team will share your answers and ideas with the other students in the class.  This exercise will help you find out what you already know and identify critical gaps in your knowledge about the importance of water as a resource and why water conservation is essential for our personal and economic well-being.

Essential Questions

  1. How do you use water at home?  At school?
  2. How does your school use water both indoors and outdoors?
  3. How does your school’s water use vary during the school year?
  4. What products or materials in your school do not use water directly, but consume water in production?
  5. Why is water conservation important?
  6. What is a water audit?
  7. What types of water saving technologies are currently available?
  8. How do innovative technologies and water reuse help conserve water?
  9. What changes can you make at home and in your daily life to conserve water?
  10. How can your school be an example for water conservation in your community?