People Need Water, Challenge 3: Put Some Blue In Your Green School

Multiple Perspectives

Explore the following resources to find information that will help you answer the “Generate Ideas” questions.


  1. The article about Samuel V. Champion High School in the city of Boerne, Texas, in the Eco Structure Magazine, March 2009, pages 36-39 and 42 describes the process of “greening” a new high school.
  2. The article about high school water audits in the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Web site called Reclamation — Managing Water in the West provides a lesson plan on how to perform a water audit at your school.
  3. The article by James McAfee called Lawn Water Management, posted in Texas A&M University's Texas Cooperative Extension Web site, provides instruction on establishing an irrigation plan for your lawn.

Texas Water Development Board Resources

  1. The Texas Water Development Board promotes Rainwater Harvesting Service Learning Project addresses the history, benefits, and components of a rainwater harvesting system. Students partner with community members to design and build a rainwater harvesting system for their school.
  2. The Texas Water Development Board's Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) conservation program was developed to help industries, commercial businesses, and institutions improve their water efficiency.
  3. The Texas Water Development Board’s Water IQ program is a statewide public awareness water conservation program that educates Texans about water conservation.  Through Water IQ, the Texas Water Development Board provides information on water-efficient practices, raises awareness about the importance of water conservation, and helps Texans use less water.

Web Site

  • Learn how to design projects that boost civic engagement in students and help them take initiative to strengthen their community at Service Learning.