Multiple Perspectives

Explore the following resources to find information that will help you answer the "Generate Ideas" questions.

Scientific Articles, News Stories, and Web Sites

Graphics and Diagrams, Visualizations, Movies

  • R. Chang's (2000) Molecular View of Solution Formation, Essential Chemistry simulation shows how solutions form at the molecular level.  As you zoom in, see how the polar nature of water dissolves sodium chloride at the microscopic scale.
  • Water is the world's most important chemical and the basis of life itself.  Visit the HowStuffWorks Web site to watch a Discovery Education video clip entitled How Water Works.
  • Explore how water rages in rivers, generates electricity, and does so much more.  The Discovery Education program emphasizes how water's dipole molecular structure creates its unique properties and explains how water can generate electricity.  NOTE: Teachers/schools must be subscribers to Discovery Education to use their resources.

Now that you are more knowledgeable about the special properties of water and why it is essential to life on Earth, it is time to share your ideas with the class.