Go Public

Now that you have researched and revised what you know about hurricanes, viewed multiple perspectives of hurricane formation and public health, and tested your knowledge about the topic, you are ready to go public with your knowledge.

You are the public information officer in the Governor's Division of Emergency Management, Texas Department of Public Safety.  The governor is going to be interviewed on television about the hurricane preparedness plan for the state of Texas.  You are tasked with briefing the governor on the potential flooding and health impacts of hurricanes on Texas.  Remember, the governor is counting on your expertise to prepare him/her to answer some tough questions!

To satisfy this challenge to prepare the governor for the interview, you will need to create:

  1. briefing document with 10 questions that a journalist would be likely to ask and answers that the governor could use in the interview.  Questions should cover past major hurricanes that have struck the Gulf Coast between 1900 and 2009, how they contributed to flooding, and their impact on human health as a consequence of mosquito-borne diseases that occurred in the wake of these storms.
  2. Physical props (charts, tables, and maps) for the interview, including (a) a map that shows the tracks of the 10 most important hurricanes that have made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast between 1900 and 2009, and (b) a table that summarizes mosquito-borne disease outbreaks associated with each storm.  You may use available health data and news stories or reports to document these outbreaks.
  3. tri-fold pamphlet to inform the public about mosquito-borne disease outbreaks and to provide guidance on how to prevent or mitigate them.  The Texas Department of Public Safety Governor's Division of Emergency Management will distribute the pamphlets to regional emergency planners and the public.


Printable version of the Rubric

Challenge 2 “Go Public” Products Highly ProficientCapableAdequateLimitedInadequate
 25 points20 points15 points10 points5 points
(1) Briefing document (25 points)          
(2) Props: Charts, tables, maps (25 points)          
(3) Summary table (25 points)          
(4) Tri-fold pamphlet (25 points)