Generate Ideas

Your teacher will divide you into teams comprising four to six students to answer questions about the global distribution of surface water, the distribution of surface water in Texas and in the region where you live, and the processes that influence that distribution.  Use the resources listed under "Multiple Perspectives" to help you find the answers.  When you have finished, your team will share your answers and ideas with the other students in the class.  This exercise will help you find out what you already know and identify critical gaps in your knowledge on the topic.

Essential Questions

  1. Where is surface water located globally?  In Texas?
  2. How are weather and climate different?
  3. What processes on Earth drive weather?
  4. What processes influence weather in Texas?
  5. How does weather influence the distribution of water in Texas?
  6. How does climate influence the global distribution of water?  In Texas?
  7. How does the physiography of Texas influence the distribution of water resources?
  8. What is a drought?
  9. What is a flood?
  10. What factors influence droughts and flooding in Texas?