Water-Earth Dynamics, Challenge 2: Know Your Watershed

Generate Ideas

Your teacher will divide you into teams comprising four to six students to answer questions that will provide the knowledge base that you need to address the challenge.  Use the resources listed under "Multiple Perspectives" to help you find the answers and increase your knowledge on the topic.  When you have finished, your team will share your answers and ideas with the other students in the class.  This exercise is intended to find out what you already know and identify critical gaps in your knowledge on the topic.

Essential Questions

  1. What is a watershed?
  2. What fluvial features are typically associated with watersheds in wet regions?  Arid regions such as west Texas?
  3. How are different substances moved along in the water as it flows through a watershed?
  4. How do streams erode their channels and transport sediment?
  5. How does stream deposition occur?
  6. Floodplains can be hazardous places to live.  Why do some people choose to have their homes, farms, and businesses located on floodplains?
  7. How do humans impact watersheds?
  8. What watershed do you live in?
  9. Why is your watershed important?
  10. Why is it important to protect the health of a watershed?