People Need Water, Challenge 2: Boating and Swimming and Damming, Oh My ...

Generate Ideas

Your teacher will divide you into teams of four to six to answer questions about the impact of engineered structures on the quality, availability, and distribution of surface waters.  Use the resources listed under "Multiple Perspectives" to help you find the answers.  When you have finished, your team will share your answers and ideas with the other students in the class.  This exercise will help you find out what you already know and identify critical gaps in your knowledge on the topic.

Essential Questions

  1. How do engineered structures such as dams alter water and sediment distribution?
  2. How do they assist with flood control?
  3. In some cases dams are used to generate hydroelectric power.  What are the benefits of hydroelectric power?
  4. What is the impact of damming and river redirection on ecosystems?
  5. What economic benefits are created through damming and development?
  6. What are the drawbacks of damming and development?
  7. What are the Texas Highland Lakes and where are they located?
  8. What impact has the Highland Lakes System had on agricultural, commercial, and recreational activities in the Colorado River drainage basin?
  9. What impact has the Highland Lakes System had on flooding?
  10. What would the landscape look like without the damming system?