People Need Water, Challenge 2: Boating and Swimming and Damming, Oh My...

You have been hired by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) to head a team of researchers to analyze the positive and negative impacts of the Highland Lakes System and to develop a set of recommendations regarding future conservation and development.  You will need to track storage, usage, and replenishment rates for the past 25 years; investigate secondary impacts related to agriculture and tourism/recreation; and consider the uncertainties associated with climate change and population growth and their impact on water planning.  You will present your report to a joint meeting of the TWDB and the LCRA.

Your presentation must include maps, tables, and graphs, and be accompanied by a written report to the TWDB and the LCRA.

Acceptable Formats

  1. Presentation with PowerPoint
  2. Town-hall format meeting
  3. Series of public service announcements with supporting brochures
  4. Lecture with notes
  5. Google Earth tour with supporting narrative, maps and graphs


Printable version of the Rubric

Challenge 2 “Go Public” Products Highly ProficientCapableAdequateLimitedInadequate
 25 points20 points15 points10 points5 points
(1) Presentation (25 points)          
(2) Information about storage, usage, replenishment rates for the past 25 years (25 points)          
(3) Information about secondary impacts related to agriculture and tourism/recreation (25 points)          
(4) Use of resources and technology (25 points)