People Need Water, Challenge 2: Boating and Swimming and Damming, Oh My...

Research and Revise

Now that you have shared information about what you know and examined multiple perspectives on the topic, it is time for you to research and revise your ideas on the project, using the Web.  Please complete the vocabulary exercise and then use the Web sites listed below to help focus on the important dimensions of your challenge.

Vocabulary List

River Flood plain River authority Conservation
Reservoir 100-year flood Acre-foot Water reuse
Dam High-water mark Drought of record Storage
Drought Channel Water user groups Hydroelectric energy
Flood Off-channel reservoir Water demand Replenishment rates


Research and write a report on usage of the Highland Lakes using a promotional website of your choosing. Include in your report information on the Lower Colorado dams.

  • Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) Data Sets and Resources

    1. Download water quality data collected by trained volunteers at the Colorado River Watch Network (CRWN) Water Quality Data website.
    2. Download hydrologic data from the LCRA Hydrologic Data (Hydromet) website.